Thinking Suite assist start-ups, business & entrepreneurs & offer other benefits like co-working space, sales & marketing, team building, business planning, investments, advising, legal, auditing & accounting, registration, TM & copyright, website development, strategizing of every field from the registration, legal, accounting to capitalizing & implementing. We offer these in exchange for equity stake with zero charges to participate or otherwise fixed charges to capture the same and creating a WIN-WIN Match.


Thinking suite supports

# An Idea Developer

# A Startup

# An Entrepreneurship

# Strategy Execution

# Business Promotion

# Website Development

# Stock Market Advice


With access to high quality Strategy Mentor Pool to choose a personalized Mentor for your business. On mutual consent, the Mentor can be on-boarded as per the terms decided directly.


We assist Business in every aspect as:

  • We Drive Sales
  • We Match Marketing
  • We Support Hr
  • We Develop Software
  • We Account Accounting
  • We Strengthen Legal
  • WE Capture Auditing
  • We Develop Branding
  • We Develop Website
  • We Create Consulting
  • We Do Business planning
  • We Brush-Up Start-up