Finance & Legal are the unmarked strong pillar of every business, as it is a key factor to raise a brand with its revenue & market worth.

Thinking Suite help in finance related queries for your Brand by planning your Savings & Investments with an expert consulting with our financial advising team. Now put your all finance & legal work hassles aside, as, Thinking Suite will take care of



Book keeping


Company Registration


Copyrights & Trademark

Thinking Suite estimate particular brand basic expenses & forecast sales to ensure that you get ready for unplanned overheads help with an Audit.

Thinking Suite helps with:

Accounts & Tax structure

Financial Strategy & preparing Financial Deck.

Thinking Suite keep an analysis of different investment opportunities:

Now know about Provident Funds ( PF’s).

Make a secure portfolio Mutual Funds-as a good investment opportunity Trades in the Commodities Market

Help you to learn the Know & How of judging stock price of a company for a good return & help in preparation for an Investment Round.

Thinking suite ensure you to deliver you the options to invest smartly at your salary level.

Helps with Provident Funds, Stock Trading & Mutual Funds investments with your Taxes advice on a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) kind of deposit which would suit particular needs & know about the best Insurance Policies in India.